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Hey s!!!

It don matter if yoor big or smol, Or yoor short or tall,
Is not if yoor are hairy or smoof, Got a pretty layette or bab it up nude,
Whether yoor lonely or smothered,
Daytime trained or can't be bothered,
Sok if yoo are muscley or comfy,
Whether yoo take your years as months bawling or count your decades for years crawling,
Uh huh, yup... even if yoor triple nappied or just have padding yearning...

Yoo can still be cute, precious, cherished, protec, an ~little~

I've just downloaded a album named "Duvets, sheets and blankets".

It's mainly covers.

Which is cuter for a little one to be wearing? Boost for printed diapers or favorite for all white diapers.

I’m glad that here no one has DNIs or do not interact rules on their profiles compared to tumblr as all the hating on each other other there is stupid

ABDL cute Cloth Diaper/Nappy recommendations please. 

Can anyone give me the link of where to find the Batman, Buzz lightgear or superman cloth diapers/ diaper covers I’ve seen ABDL’s wearing lately? Or any cute ones, thanks.


But I also want to remind everyone that this platform for the community also needs the community's help to keep itself sustained, and anyone wishing to help can visit the patreon link: and if they can afford to do so, chip in to keeping this incredible platform here for us all to enjoy.

Thanks for listening to my rant :) - 2/2

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I've seen countless new faces post on here with a message saying something like I was too shy before, but I want to engage with the community, and that is inspiring. Thank you @james for creating this platform for the community in which so many people have already found the safety, security, and confidence to be true to themselves - 1/2

ABDL dilemmas #3 looking in the mirror and being surprised to see a bloke looking back when you still expect to see your little self.

This naughty little boy has grown too big for his britches lately. After some discussion it's been decided he needs to spend sometime locked in chastity and diapered 24/7. elEvery boost or favorite this pic gets between now and midnight Pacific time on 1/1 will add 1 day. Maximum of 100 days. If we exceed the max additional tasks and punishments (spankings, enemas, humiliation) will be added. So give my naughty butt the punishment I deserve

Hey guys, gals, and everyone in between. Please note that posting content that is not yours is NOT ALLOWED and is very much frowned upon. As an OC creator that has had my content stolen and reposted, I can say that it's a super disrespectful thing to do. Please redistribute the proper way by "retooting" or what ever the comparable word is for the platform you are using.

Can we all please use content warnings? 

It's pretty rude and violates Mastodon's guidelines when you post uncensored diaper pics. While everyone here may be okay with it, people on the federated timeline are not and it gives this instance a bad name.

Y’all finding porn and being sexy while I’m standing here making a giant d10 like a flaming nerd. Get you some#dice

My rocky I ordered from Amazon came in the mail while I was napping.

I'd forgotten how much I truly love Paw Patrol. It's one of the few little kids shows I can really watch and get into. Something about it just pushes all the right buttons... I get the distinct feeling I'm going to need more storage space if I want to watch every episode.

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