So apparently someone has been using this old pic of me to catfish people in New York... >_> not cool... but funny af 🤣

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It's so hot out ☀️🥵 so I decided to cool off 🧊😎 Who else likes playing in a mud puddles?

Refusing to take a nap in the afternoon is resisting a rest!

Got myself a cute outfit and idk how I feel about it 😣 I'm definitely wearing it to the next littles night at the club tho 😼

When you’ve got the train to yourself, it’s time for an impromptu diaper check.

That time I went to folsom st fair tho. I felt amazing in that outfit 🏳️‍🌈😊🏳️‍🌈

Old picture from my tumblr of me standing on the shores of Lake Tahoe

Long island in a sippy cup (not for most babies) but its okay for me, daddy said so 😊🤣

Playing at the beach n' giving back rubs having good ol' baby fun ☺

Waaaaaaa 😭 I caught the furflu good thing @Diaper2spank was here to save me and make me all better

This lil baby is goin to Furcon in San Jose 🐱😊 and I'll be back on Monday with plenty of new pics and maybe a video

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