Anyone knows what those are? I found them at a local diy shop, they look like tiny surf boards 🤔

Looking back at it now, I should have bought them... 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😜

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@littlebelgianprince there's that thing called They're just revamping their website, but seem to have a few hurdles to address first.

Probably one of my very last opportunity to take in the sun this year 🌞😎


Quick, hug your stuffie! 🧸

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Well protected for work this afternoon :D

So, a video of me in this diaper while repairing my swingrope ? Reblog to see that happening :D

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Kiddo Little Sailor ordered this morning :D

Now let's do some teasing.

I have a swingrope. And new diapers soon.
Do you want a small photoshoot of me with the swingrope ?

More of that ? Do you want first a video of me replacing the broken rope of my swingrope ?

To see those, you need to reblog this post :P

(I sense a naughty kid who always wanted to say something like that xD)

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What is 2021's hottest new car trend? 🚗 🍼 Backseat playpens!

Vacations 😍

A well deserved break from all the crazies in this world.

Plan for the day; have a changie, eat, and have a nap with my stuffies 😁

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