Doing my laces. My Velcro straps I mean... 😇👶

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So today’s the day the nursery has finally arrive and I am super excited. Daddy and I have been spent the day setting it up and making sure everything is perfect.

It’s fair to say over the last few weeks l have been quite nervous about taking this big step. I have had nursery’s before and not used them due to many reason, however this time it is different. I have been sleeping in my nursery fire the last 2 months, but now it has the right furniture in it.

I hope you all like what we have done

Doggies poopies bags.
Considering snatching a few to use a diaper bags, but I'm not sure their big enough.

Has someone tried maybe ?

That's interesting; someone must have known I was coming, and kindly tagged the stone with my name so I wouldn't have to bother watermarking my pics 🤭

And then it was time to go back home.
So quick diaper check before getting back in the car 👍 :diaper_wet:

There was this sign on the door of the room where I found these : 🚾

I'm not sure what they're for, but it looks like made to be used as a replacement for my underwear. And not even a full replacement for that matter... 💩

Why even bother putting them up then ? 😅

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Can you see something ?
No ?


Because I got a Rearz Little Monsters with a stuffer! 🙈😱:diaper:

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292 followers!! That's so amazing thank you all so much!! I wonder if I can make it to 300 by my birthday!! 🤗🤔

Vacations over. Little landro must repack everything 😭.

Just packaged something some of you may recognize 😇

I went get groceries as a big boy yesterday, but I had to cut short as I started dribbling in my underwear 😱

Luckily I always have reusable shopping bags that I put on my seat to avoid leaking into it 😎

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