Yeah, so, I opened the phone to put the new screen in. The battery is "glued with a light adhesive". So much that I damaged the battery when prying it out.

It started smoking, and I almost shat myself :D

Anyway, got the phone back together without battery, but that damn phone won't apparently boot up without a battery in. So I've bought a new one, waiting for delivery.

Keep posting your Android Mastodon app, so I can test them all when phone is fixed \o/

I recently cracked the screen of my good old Nexus 5X.

Considering it had been getting slower with time, only as 16G storage without expansion slot, and Google stopped providing security updates last December, I've upgraded.

But I also got a 5X screen to fix it. I'm gonna reset it, and use it for :diaper_wet: stuffs only.

Anyone got a good Android Mastodon app to recommend (provided I manage to replace the screen without bricking the entire phone...) ? :partyparrot:

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I woke up this morning to a knock at my door, so I put on my robe to answer it.

There is a delivery man holding a box. But not in a discreet box like normal from Amazon. In THE goodnites box.

He only had to take one look at me to know they were mine and he was trying to hold back a smirk.

I quickly signed for it in a panick. After I closed the door, I realized I had a goodnite from the night before on the floor.

I'm a very embarrassed boi right nowπŸ˜–

Brightside is I have goodnites again

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After a week of vacation, it's time to go drop the trash bags into the village containers.
You'll never believe what was in these bags πŸ™ˆ

"When he noticed that pressure was building, it was too late to come back home.
He would have to poop here and now. There was nowhere to hide, so he ran to the end of the road, further increasing his need to go number 2.
There he found a secluded spot in the shadow, where nobody would find him, took his shorts off but didn't had the time to do the same with his underwear.
Despite all his efforts, he pooped his pants just minutes from the toilets he sniffed at before leaving home".


"Little boy Landro had changed from his night diaper, and had skipped coffee. He felt confident going for a walk around the neighborhood as he felt no pressure in his belly.
Unfortunately, that was without considering a long walk would stir yesterday barbecue around, and he would need to go soon.
When he noticed that pressure was building, it was too late to come back home."

(to continue)

"As little boy Landro was hidden behind a biiiig truck and had taken his trousers off to load his diaper, he hadn't noticed that the neighbor's cat had followed him up to this point, and had its catcam aiming right at his soon-to-be-messy diaper"


Give me 5 minutes, and I'll be at the top of the frame, I swear ! πŸ˜†

I ended up purchasing the stretch jeans I passed on yesterday.
As you can see, you cannot see anything πŸ™‚

But still, I'm diapered under those jeans πŸ’“

I tried to influence you a bit earlier, but the truth indeed is that I was padded all along πŸ™ˆ

On the left, Mixa baby shampoo that I can find at home.
On the right, the rightly sized version (which I bought only one off, dumb me ! 😞 )

Buying trousers.

Need to make sure the diaper fits fine under, that there is no huge bulge that would give the little boy away, and that it's comfy.

For this stretch jeans, I call this a pass βœ…

Quick snap during a stroll under the sun. Had to take the top off, way too warm !

First day of vacation, somewhere warm and sunny. To avoid sun burns and rashes, I'm having a food and a nap in the shadow.
Padded obviously, because I need to get out in the sun to get to the potty, and I wouldn't want to sunburn, or have a potty accident !

Morning outing. Went go get myself some food to make me lunch :)

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