Trying out the Leclerc* drynites copy.

*To those who've never visited France, Leclerc is a supermarket type of thing.

Morning all. Night diaper barely wet, spent a great night in my new snapcrotch πŸ₯°

Quick break during walkies.

Can you spot something out of the ordinary ? πŸ˜‡

Yesterday night was so hot at home (28Β°C in my bedroom) that I envisioned trying sleeping naked.

But luckily I figured out that wasn't a smart idea. And I'm glad I did, because look what happened 😱

Just been a awesome little boy, went give blood to red cross. And I didn't even cry when they stuck the big needle in.

But I'm glad I went padded, because I leaked right in the middle πŸ˜…

Last time I went to Ikea, I noticed a nice deer panel set.

Guess what I had on when I took that pic ? πŸ™ˆ

This is what happens when you let at little boy pick his clothes...

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