A friend just asked me about this pic from a shared album that I didn't know was in it. Was surprised when this was taken. Was even more surprised when it showed up in the wrong album. 🙈

@krisz Well it is a very sweet picture and worth sharing! 😊

@krisz Oops... What did they ask about the pic? Did they notice your night diaper? I agree with @mHabdl, it’s a cute picture 😊

@overalls9050 @mHabdl he asked if I meant it to be there, but he liked it too

@krisz did they realise what it was? Guess to an untrained eye (non-ABDL) they might just think it's trousers or regular underwear

@overalls9050 @mHabdl

@krisz I would have died! Back in high school I had a friend over. He went to throw something away and when he lifted the lid a wet Goodnite was sitting right on top! He actually picked it up and said “diaper?!” (In a Brazilian Portuguese accent). I was mortified and said nothing. He dropped it back in and carried on as if nothing happened.

@nx4459 hehe I have a rubbish tin in my room as well, my friends all know and don't care, I don't have an option about it

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