13th style good boy position
Sometimes the puppy play makes me very excited, I don't consider it to be something I would always do but sometimes it would be interesting to do it, who wouldn't want a cute puppy? :diaper: 🐕

12th style be like I like it
In gratitude for the 100 followers I want to upload this photo, it is part of a very personal style that is in the way I feel almost all the time and I wish it were always like that, but someday my life will be abdl most of the time. of time and when that happens I will be very happy :baby_dummy: :diaper: 🍼 :dummy_green:

11th style feet to heaven
I do not know if this is the name of this position, but I will call it that, I must admit that I love this position because it is perfect for that moment that you wish with all your strength that someone change your diaper, an exciting experience for every diaper change :diaper: :blobaww:

a little late for this meme but I made this meme and I thought it was funny hehe 😅

10th style baby food
I was a little busy but I want to continue with the styles, I admit that baby food is my favorite when I am doing rolplay but it is also very delicious, my favorite is mango gerber 🍼 :baby_dummy: :blobaww:

9th style move on in a lifestyle
I have been going to the gym for a couple of years but this year I want to dedicate myself more to training, I want to look good and feel good with big muscles and diapers hehe :diaper: 💪

8th style My little bear
I love having toys, especially when I am in the rolplay I like to use baby toys, I feel like a baby playing with my toys, I also wanted to put a diaper because I thought it would look cute :baby_dummy: 🐻

7th style something retro
This was my first photo that I uploaded to tumblr, I still didn't know all this ABDL world, but I'm happy to wear diapers and be a baby and I want to continue

6th style a cloth diaper
when I was a child and could not get with a diaper, grabbed a towel and pretended that it was a diaper, did not make me in it because they would tell me something, but some time later as an adult I discovered that they were selling cloth diapers and encouraged me to buy one, it feels good, but I think I stay with the others, the feeling of the cloth is not the same as the ABDL :diaper:

Diaper butt styles adult diaper version(unknown brand)
This is my last photos of the section(Diaper butt styles)but maybe later I upload more, I really like how I look in diapers I feel very comfortable and I am very excited

Diaper butt styles adult diaper version(brand depend)
One day someone told me that I looked great shaved, and I think I like it because I look more like a baby, how do I look?

Diaper butt styles adult diaper messy version
I do not remember what brand is this diaper, someone who is very pro to know what it is ?, These were the first diapers that I bought secretly, I am wet, I would like to be checked :diaper: 💦

Diaper butt styles adult diaper messy version
This is my diaper (brand dependent) sometimes if I like to be dirty, but when that happens I would like someone to change me, I really like when they change my diaper :diaper: 💩

Diaper butt styles adult diaper version
These are my (Depend brand diapers), they are the adult diapers that I like the most, they are very comfortable that in this case I put on 3, wearing a diaper on top of another feels so good, it proves a great reaction :diaper: 😏

Now in Diaper butt styles
This is my last abdl diaper that I have, with this I feel a tough boy, maybe I will upload more photos of the diapers that I already uploaded but in different angles, how do I look? I'm a bad boy?What brand is it?

Happy New Year everyone, I hope your year is full of diapers, bottles, pacifiers and everything you like, I hope for me that this year I can use and buy more diapers to live my life as I want :diaper: 🍼 :dummy_green: :blobaww:

We continue with the section of (diaper butt styles) this time it is the turn of these diapers, I do not know this brand, but I feel comfortable, I look good?

Continuing with the section (section of diaper butt styles), I want to know what brand this is, I will show all the styles of the back and then I want to know which of them all seemed best :diaper: 🍑

I want to talk a little about myself, many years ago I started to like diapers and I did not understand how to feel, but a few years ago I met this abdl world, and I am very happy, I had a profile on tumblr, but then I could not upload photos, now In this part of my life, in this blog, I want to feel free to express myself as I really feel like a boy who loves to wear diapers and feel like a baby :baby_dummy: :diaper: 🍼 :dummy_green: 😎 :blobaww:

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