We're having a summer sale. Seize the opportunity and get yourself new rubber pants

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Guys, what do you think of our new logo? Where should we place it? We are happy for suggestions...

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This cute little boy is gaining experience with latex. He thereby is wearing our new latex diaper suit with stripes

Our rubber pants, as fresh as the spring. Create your own colour combination and order your new favourite pants according to your wishes.

Valentine's and single? Zero fu**s given! Buy yourself a pair of rubber pants😉

Do you have to put on diapers? Make the the most out of it! It is Popcorn Day🍿 🍿 🍿 😊

@piko my pants are made for all, girls and boys and gender neutrals

Today we give away one Diamond Rubber Briefs in size L as a small xmas present.
The first one who sends me his address as PM gets it.

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