Legs akimbo - inflatable spreader pants, coming soon...

Valentine's and single? Zero fu**s given! Buy yourself a pair of rubber pants😉

Great fun, sniffing diaper boys @ GummiBar in Basel😀

Do you have to put on diapers? Make the the most out of it! It is Popcorn Day🍿 🍿 🍿 😊

This is the difference between PVC and real rubber pants

@piko my pants are made for all, girls and boys and gender neutrals

Today we give away one Diamond Rubber Briefs in size L as a small xmas present.
The first one who sends me his address as PM gets it.

Christmas is coming soon. We have some presents for you. Today we give away one Sissy pants in size S in the color bubblegum pink.
The first one who sends me his address as PM will get the pants.


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