@tsa oh my god do I need one for the next ageplay rave

@overalls9050 @landro there's a relatively cheap option: the StayOkay near the Vondelpark! €179,60 for a stay from sunday until sunday. Not a private room though.

@amsterdad yes! I get how that could be confusing as Club Luier is in the middle of a name change at the same time (new name is Club ABDL)

I figured many of you hadn't heard of this yet! There is going to be a really unique ABDL event soon. Next month, in December, there will be an ageplay dance party in Amsterdam. That means diapered dancing to all the best kids songs 🎷. I'm definitely going to be there, am I going to see any of you cool kids there as well? ☺️ There's this site for info and tickets: abdl.amsterdam/rave

@james @087orion So my Tumblr account was terminafed a month before the big purge and I thought the same thing. Recently my appeal was finally processed and my account was restored and I logged back in expecting something resembling a wasteland. What I really found was a community that was largely ignoring the NSFW ban, because a lot of ABDL content either slips through the filters or passes its human evaluation on terms of being therapeutic and not intentionally pornographic.

@overalls9050 @Emma @MoonyDreams it was amazing and all you people who came were amazing

@james I've translated the entries into Dutch but I don't know how I can send them to you 😅 shall I just DM?

@james Remember how you gave me an abdl.link business card and I put it in my onesie's pocket? Well, I'm thrilled to announce your business card is laundry-proof 🤦

@Ababyboy Ababyboy returns with a lesson in frame composition 👇👉👈👆

@Nix @Ababyboy @Littleivo @james Capcon is one of the few things on my bucket list. Unfortunately I'm not a millionaire just yet 🙍

@Ababyboy @Littleivo @james Are you guys coming to Amsterdam for the big picnic in August? I'm sure we can make something happen.

@envol @Littleivo @Ababyboy @james I guess we'll have to get together on a couch for a diapered boys night 🤷

@envol @Littleivo @Ababyboy @james Well there's n64 emulators with internet capabilities but the games really weren't designed for multiplayer and the emulators aren't making up for that (yet)

@Ababyboy @james and all the others: We should do a tournament of some kind! Maybe classic smash or perhaps goldeneye!

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