I figured many of you hadn't heard of this yet! There is going to be a really unique ABDL event soon. Next month, in December, there will be an ageplay dance party in Amsterdam. That means diapered dancing to all the best kids songs 🎷. I'm definitely going to be there, am I going to see any of you cool kids there as well? ☺️ There's this site for info and tickets:

@kinesecd To be clear: this is on December 15th and a separate event from the Club Luier meeting on the 8th. Apparently, some littles are getting confused :)

@amsterdad yes! I get how that could be confusing as Club Luier is in the middle of a name change at the same time (new name is Club ABDL)

@kinesecd Well that is practically guaranteed to confuse the littles! I need to have a word with these people. They make life harder for us Daddies who need to do all the explaining!

Hi @kinesecd This looks so cool! 🥳 Too bad it’s not the same weekend as Club ABDL. I can’t afford to come over to Amsterdam two weeks in a row. Please let us know how it was!

@overalls9050 @kinesecd why not staying in Amsterdam the whole week then ? 🙈😜

@landro @kinesecd That’s even more unaffordable! Do you know what accommodation costs in Amsterdam? Besides, I need to go working to pay for my diapers and onesies... 🙄

@overalls9050 @landro there's a relatively cheap option: the StayOkay near the Vondelpark! €179,60 for a stay from sunday until sunday. Not a private room though.

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