@james Remember how you gave me an abdl.link business card and I put it in my onesie's pocket? Well, I'm thrilled to announce your business card is laundry-proof 🤦

I made a short ABDL comedy video a while ago, and I just remembered that with Tumblr gone nobody can find it anymore. For those who haven't seen it, here it is: vimeo.com/279863177 and let me know what you think! ☺️

And of course to @james who is probably working his butt off to keep this site from falling from the skies this Christmas 🎄

Especially you, @abenjaminbutton @Ababyboy @Emma @amsterdad and everyone I have yet to recognize on here! ☺️

Gah can we just skip this week? I want it to be Christmas already! >.<

Hi everyone! Did everyone cross succesfully? Has nobody lost their stuffies coming here?


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