@That_little_Joel my first class back is Tuesday and I wanna hide out under my blankets instead 😛

@Bedwetterboyy ... that was probably already soggy minutes after being put on 😏

someone caught me and @Lilpaddedprince snoozing hard on the couch after the party 🙈😴

(skip the doggo makes a good pillow)

skip the puppo and bloop the whale are helping me study! 📚

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@Bedwetterboyy @amsterdad uh huh 😋 I gotta be there to make sure he doesn’t leak all over the chairs when we go out places like what happened on Friday

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I already miss my little baby bro @junost

He is hilarious. There were time where we were laughing so hard we were practically in tears.

And he’s very intelligent. Speaks 3 languages...at least..I feel super dumb compared to him, but it’s ok 😂 Maybe I will know French next time I see you 😏

Also, he is a great little bro who looks after his big bro pretty well 😅. He gave me baths, a couple bottles, dressed me, undressed me....it was amazing tbh. Can’t wait until next time daddy invites us ❤️

@Bedwetterboyy you’re gonna make me cry! I was so sad when you had to leave the other day 😭❤️

thanks for all the snuggles and being the best big bro ever 😚

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@Bedwetterboyy getting diaper changed by your little brother cause you’re the actual baby 😎

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