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intro, kink, 18+ account 

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potty retraining 

how clichΓ©. dreamed i was using a toilet, woke up halfway through wetting the bed. smdh

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abdl potty training vent 

abdl potty training 

abdl, re-potty training 

abdl, incontinence, homelessness-ish, wildfires 

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abdl, incontinence, homelessness-ish, wildfires 

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wildfires, unemployment, incontinence (positive and negative i guess) 

selfie, nudity (tiddy, no genitals) :gay_as_hell: 

though to be fair, i also hated summer beforehand. maybe summer is just the worst in general?

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summer is by far the worst season to be diaper dependent.

*puts on a pullup for once*
"ooh, i feel so sleek and aerodynamic."
"and naked..."
"and unsafe..."
*changes back into a proper diaper asap*

i have been keeping obnoxiously well hydrated since i got my metal water bottle.

golly i wish i could've made it to this year. maybe next time.

does anyone have any idea what happened to

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abdl, anarchism 

digestive troubles, still possibly tmi, messing 

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