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intro, kink, 18+ account 

wildfires, unemployment, incontinence (positive and negative i guess) 

selfie, nudity (tiddy, no genitals) :gay_as_hell: 

though to be fair, i also hated summer beforehand. maybe summer is just the worst in general?

summer is by far the worst season to be diaper dependent.

*puts on a pullup for once*
"ooh, i feel so sleek and aerodynamic."
"and naked..."
"and unsafe..."
*changes back into a proper diaper asap*

i have been keeping obnoxiously well hydrated since i got my metal water bottle.

golly i wish i could've made it to this year. maybe next time.

does anyone have any idea what happened to

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abdl, anarchism 

digestive troubles, still possibly tmi, messing 

abdl, incontinence/untraining, messing, hopefully not tmi 

abdl, incontinence/untraining, messing, hopefully not tmi 

abdl, incontinence/untraining, messing, hopefully not tmi 

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Hi quick reminder if you came from Tumblr: CW YOUR FUCKING PORN

That means not just hiding it with the "sensitive content" button, but putting ACTUAL TEXT to SPECIFY that there is sexually graphic content behind the picture filter.


me: i don't need more clothes. i've already got more shirts than days in a week.
little me, to me: but it's cute and i *neeed* it!
me, to little me: oh my gods, fine, you consumerist twerp.

alcohol exacerbated incontinence 

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i'm really close to filtering the word "nsfw" because it is an absolutely useless warning that tells you nothing about the actual content

istg I'm sick of seeing un-CW'd and improperly CW'd porn on public timelines

does it have nudity? say "nudity" in the CW without gendering the person's body

does it have genitals? say genitals in the CW without gendering body parts

is it a dick pic? say dick pic.

is it porn? say porn ffs

"nsfw" is the literal most useless warning

today's to do list 

it's getting to the point here i don't even want to go on the local timeline. having to wade through an endless sea of crotch shots and un-CW'd genitals to get to any good posts is not my idea of fun. i wish there was a way i could browse just the toots *without* pictures.

it is utterly baffling to me how busy the local timeline has gotten since the whole tumblr thing went down.

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