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After I moved into my new place I got into the habit of kissing my teddies before leaving the house in the morning, now it’s just part of my daily routine. Anyone else have little daily routines?

Lesson learned, I snuck on my new training pants without asking Daddy and made a fuss when he said I needed to be changed back into a nappy because I wasn't ready yet. The conversation ended with "You wear what Daddy dresses you in", and I had to go out wearing a think crinkly pink nappy 😳

Happy 2nd birthday πŸΌπŸ§πŸŽ‰
Thankies to @james and team @support for making this platform possible. This place means a lot to me and to a lot of people here, especially in these strange times. Seems like we won’t be able to meet up for a birthday party this year, hopefully next year for a 3rd birthday toddler party πŸ™ƒ
Take care and stay safe! πŸ€—

Just a quick update on this.. It has been a hectic fews weeks but I was able to secure a decent place for myself in the city. Going to be a few weeks until I'm settled, but I'm safe and in a good place now. Thank you to everyone that reached out with suggestions and support, reminder of how amazing this community can be at times

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Being kicked out soon. Anyone have a spare room I can rent for a couple months in the UK (preferably in midlands or down south). If so direct message me, thanks πŸ™

What was more embarrassing than the walk home was buying them from the youngest guy that works at the shop. He thought my choice of underwear would be nice topic of discussion and he informed me I got a very good deal on these and said β€œenjoy” with a smile as I was leaving. There is no doubt I was looking as embarrassed as a kid who just wet themselves

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I noticed the other day that my local pharmacy had a couple packs of old school Tena slips on clearance. But I had never purchased adult nappies in a store before (I like most people these days just order online). But after some gentle encouragement from Daddy I went in and picked up the last pack. Although the plastic bag I had didn’t quite hide the contents during my long walk home 😳

But why do I have to have my hazelnut milk in a bottle Daddy!? I have my juice in big boy cups.. 🍼

Colston statue & what symbols can do (1/3) 

It's very funny how reactionaries are whining about "education" and "history" even when

1. most Britons (including me) didn't know who this fucker was or what he did until he was rolled into the harbor

2. The dumping into the harbor has actually transformed this symbol into a better symbol with much better educational context

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Any rails developers here that want to help out with the Mastodon fork? I have a couple of features I’m working on but don’t always have time or the motivation πŸ€”

Daddy says it’s changes time. Rawr! Thank you Crinklz for providing this amazing changing mat at Club Luier the other day πŸ¦–πŸ¦•

Messed up my foot, I can only crawl now 🚼

I'm not really little enough for sleeping onesies anymore, and Daddy says I'm a big boy because I get to sleep in pyjamas now. But I don't feel like a big boy when I'm sat having breakfast like this πŸ€”

Daddy wanted proof I was being a good boy, had a little accident while making a video to show him 😳

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Shorts, shirt and a nappy. Perfect outfit for going out to play in the sun 🌞

So just taking a little space currently. Things are looking up with lockdown easing and the promise of hopefully seeing Daddy in a few weeks.

Also thanks to everyone who has checked in with me lately, it's means at lot to know people care 😊

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Apologies for being so quiet lately, I haven't been much aside from the occasional admin.

Had some big changes in my life to deal with recently (unfortunately not of the nappy kind), and with not being able to see my Daddy in such a long time it has become increasingly hard to get into any kind of little space on my own. I then found browsing ABDL socials was getting me down even more as it was just a reminder.

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