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It seems I can't stay dry for more than 10 minutes :nappy_wet:

Anyone tried Tesco’s Junior Nappies? Wondering if they are the same size as DryNites and if they are plastic backed. Can’t find much info online.

Official Telegram group?

Haven't used Kik in years, these days mostly Telegram and But I first started talking to my Daddy on Kik.

Anyone here use Kik as their main messaging app?

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@mikki @lilbouncyboy unfortunately buying locally wasn’t really an option as the ones available were poor quality and the trip was too short to justify having some shipped to the hotel. I managed to stash a handful in my luggage instead of spare shirts. Was easier to buy a couple new shirts than diapers!

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Travelling light is hard when you need to bring teddies (and other silly unnecessary things like nappies)

✨✨✨ Question of the day ✨✨✨
Who do you think everyone should follow on this website?

Stupid kid calling out for his Daddy. Now I want mine as well 🙄

Really need to try some padded Segufix, anyone here who has tried it or has experience with it?

After spending all day in the park, @spacetiger got me changed and put me down for the night.

Thanks to @Littleboyrami for providing the nappies for my adventures 🤗

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Had a wonderful time at Club Luier's annual picnic in Amsterdam the other week. I'm a bit late posting this, but thanks to @Emma and @kinesecd for making it all happen 🤗

It was a super hot day for padded littles, but @spacetiger kept me hydrated and opted for shorts over the planned shortalls to keep me cool. I did show-off my new choo choo t-shirt 🚂

I had a lovely card and candle (on a stroopwafel) from @overalls9050 signed by loads of lovely people to celebrate's first birthday 🥳

Well today’s been horrible, even worse when you just want to be little but you can’t 😔

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