@mHabdl @BabyDavid the only thing I could find was about the designer getting annoyed about a visa application they were sponsoring taking too long so he got upset with them on Twitter about how much he got paid for the design and wanted more even though he got paid what he charged them for the design 🀷

Looks like the original tweets are gone or protected so it's hard to say going off random forum posts

@BabyDavid I knew about the trademark thing, not about the designers though. You have any more info on that?

Which ones are your favourite? πŸ€”

New supplies, never tried the Rearz Dinosaurs before. Neither the Cuddlz Bright Dayz, but I believe they are the same shell as the nursery ones which I love and are super crinkly. The Tenas are just a daily staple for me

@james Put down the scary book little one. That one is for much bigger boys...

@Onthedljoke this might actually happen, wanted to do something for our first birthday but it requires a lot of planning. But yes, I would 😊

@aulden an events feature! So you could find local ABDL events and be notified about them. I really dislike using FetLife for this purpose currently. But this is actually something I'm working on so...

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