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@SomeGuy there are lots of apps you can use instead of the web interface (joinmastodon.org/apps) I’m using Toot! right now on my phone.

@jexll not really, just don’t engage with idiots.

So we have about 1TB of AB link media on Wasabi currently, while cheap recent events have shown it to not be very reliable. So do I move back to AWS (with increased costs), look for another alternative or think about building my own storage cluster? πŸ€”

@james @overalls9050 @amsterdad I just got you a nice new bowl and spoon too. Are you going to eat your porridge properly like a good boy? Or does Daddy need to feed you?

@overalls9050 he's not the Daddy I need to worry about getting into trouble with πŸ˜›


Why should I eat porridge with a plastic spoon when I already have perfectly good fingers? πŸ€”

@WetCountryBro the limit is 40MB, are you using the web interface? Do you get any errors?

This made the rounds at work today, but I've been doing this for years πŸ˜…

@WetCountryBro what size is the file? If you want me to look email it to support@abdl.link

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