Window cleaner was hanging outside my bedroom window for quite a while.. Which had I know they were coming I would have shut the blinds considering my bedroom looks like a nursery. Hope he couldn’t tell from the bed full of teddies, or the stacks of colourful nappies that I’m actually an adult toddler 🙈

@james Well the teddies are probably within the realm of more or less "normal". The nappies however...

@abc1989 aside from the size of the bed my room is pretty close to a toddlers one

@james In that case the window cleaner might actually just have thought it was a toddlers room.

@abc1989 hopefully, unless they knew these were all one bed apartments and why would a toddler be living alone 😅

@james Hm, in that case you are not getting out of this one 😀

@james He definitely thought it was a baby's room. And he was right!

@james we can't really form an opinion without pictures of said room... 🤷‍♂️

@landro I have been holding off on this as I have yet to share any pictures of my new place yet 😬

Maybe soon..

@james LOL, and did they spot the toddler behind his laptop when cleaning the next window? 😜

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