Going out for brunch in a bit, but gonna let the internet pick what I wear. Poll to follow

Vote here! You can save any potential embarrassment by voting for briefs!

So embarrassing 🙈

Also noticed you can see the pink outline under my white shirt 🤦‍♂️

Unsure why the quality of my uploads has gone downhill since upgrading to iOS 14 🤔

@james adorable little, no need to be embarrassed. So cutes!

@james Well, little James, that's an interesting choice, pink.... Tell us more?

@amsterdad I didn't choose! The internet picked it for me! 😆

@james Of course. The internet has a lot to answer for, doesn't it... ...

@amsterdad I might enjoy the embarkment of pink just a tad though 😉

@amsterdad gah spellcheck letting me down, the embarrassment! 🙈

@james @amsterdad So, was there any embarrassment? Did any of your friends notice and comment on it?

@overalls9050 @amsterdad I kinda forgot I was wearing, which wasn't good when I was in a shop earlier and bending over a lot. Forgetting you can see the pink outline and unicorns through my white shirt 🤭

@james @overalls9050 So? What is the worst that can happen? People might see. And speculate. Probably think you have an incontinence problem. Some might snigger behind your back. So what?

@james Embarassing? Yes. But adorable? Even more ❤️

@james As far as I know there's a feature called "Low quality image mode". I think it's for doing compression for 4g traffic.

@james Brunch with Daddy or brunch with vanilla friends? 🤔

@overalls9050 vanilla friends, if it was with Daddy he would be dressing me 😆

@james Haha, true, we all remember that episode. Daddy would have chosen the unicorns for sure 😜

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