Controversial opinion, but I'm not sure I see the appeal of hook and loop diapers. I find they come off during sleep unless I wear a cover, and the front panel feels scratchy against skin. Give me a plastic landing strip instead

@james I feel you, I’m torn honestly, I really like the hook-n-loop for their easy refastening 😋 but I have had a higher occurrence of them coming undone when asleep and stuff, even under a onesie. Plastic landing strip is great, as long as it doesn’t tear when pulling the tape off.


@Fluffy_ears I just don't find the need to refasten them, if I need to take it off I find you can usually stick the tapes back on themselves and they work fine again after (as long as no lube/oil gets on them). Plus I don't think I have ever had a plastic landing strip tear, it's usually much thicker than the shell plastic

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