So I ran out of storage space for padding as I had a couple of packs I don't usually pick to wear, so I put them all out on my bedside table and have been wearing continually since Wednesday. Have never worn for this long before, and I honestly thought I would be bored after the second day but have actually been enjoying the regular comfort. Now I'm wondering if I should at least make it a week 🤔

I don't think I could do 24/7 for much longer than a week though. Current COVID situation has made this possible for me, although I'm more comfortable wearing around colleagues and vanilla friends now

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@james At some point it simple becomes routine so it gets as dull as just wearing big boy pants. I intentionally have phases where I wear nappies constantly, some where I just have really childish pants and accessories, and sometimes 100% vanilla. That way I can enjoy every moment of every phase.

@james it’s well worth a go. Longest I’ve been is two weeks 24/7. If you’re planning to go out, maybe worth getting a radar key!
The only thing I found was that i can’t be padded and do some of the things I enjoy, like ride a bike... but as long as it doesn’t interfere the. It’s fine!

@Littleivo wow, two weeks and you used them for everything? I can't imagine doing that much longer than a week

@james I should clarify I wasn’t messing in them. I was backpacking around the country though so it was very convenient, especially on days where I wouldn’t find a toilet to use!

@Littleivo ahh. I taped the toilet shut so I had to use them for everything 🙈

@james I’ve just recovered from COVID and I wore 24/7 for three weeks 🙈 I will admit, I got tired of using them (yes for everything) after a week, but then the feeling of need intensified. I don’t want to mess anymore, but I think I’ll keep up the 24/7 for a bit longer.

@Kagnenoi @james @Littleivo @Marshy
I hear you, Diaperdoddle. I grew up in rural northern Canada at a time when most people didn't have modern plumbing. We had an outhouse outside and a literal potty inside. I think that explains why my potty training went so poorly... 🤔

@mHabdl @james @Littleivo @Marshy That's why I think with this pandemic, that diapers are coming back in style

Just wondering @james , did you have any visitors during your 24/7 week? Did you provide nappies for them as well then? 🤔
@Littleivo @Marshy

@overalls9050 haha, no I didn't. Upside of lockdown. But I did go out to see friends, who are not still in nappies

@Littleivo @Marshy

@james I've never worn 24/7 for so long. Cool to read you're still enjoying it. Very brave of you to start wearing around colleagues and vanilla friends too. Nobody noticed a bulge or crinkles? 😉

@overalls9050 @james i wear 24/7 around family and vanilla friends for over a year. no problems

@overalls9050 well someone did catch me carrying a used nappy out of the bathroom to the bin 😳

@james Haha. I was wearing since Wednesday too :P. I kinda wanted to wear almost full time in the first place. So I’m still wearing with breaks for cycling/running.
In my past experiences I had enough of diapers when I got a rash or when I had frequent leaks (1-3 months). Now I don’t have a job so... I won’t find another one for some time now so I’d rather enjoy myself and wear diapers. My only tip here is not to force yourself. Take a short break if you need it. Continue if you enjoy it :3.

@james yep yep.... you should definitely try for a week or more 😃.

Yeah it's a logitic and money cost, but you really need to try one "real week" ( no confinement week) full diaper.
I always made 2 weeks in full diaper and 1 weekend of pause.
My record is 3 weeks in full diaper and 1 weekend of pause.

It's important to test and take your time , me I "test" during 6 mouth 😁

Now I prepare a full diaper time for early 2021 (yes 7/7 24H).

@james I’ve pretty much been 24/7 since the start of lockdown I don’t mess that often hate that clean up but can’t actually rember the last time i wore “big boy pants”

@BabyDavid that's great! If it wasn't for the mess I think I would be full time 😆

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