After I moved into my new place I got into the habit of kissing my teddies before leaving the house in the morning, now it’s just part of my daily routine. Anyone else have little daily routines?

Jep, I kiss my teddies before i go to sleep, it is silly but it feels so nice. 🌜🧸

@james routines are important. Work days used to be tapping the relevant part of me for wallet, keys, phone, pass. that's gone now, as don't have to leave the house for work these days.

@james I have my little monkey George who’s been my companion plushy for the last 4 years now. He’s been on vacations with me traveling, been to many community gatherings and a constant comfort at home. I always give him hugs and kisses in the morning before I leave for work and then when I go to bed at night as he also sleeps with me. He’s become quite popular among friends and my roommate.

@james Yep, I give my plushies a goodnight kiss before sleep, and of course have one of them to cuddle every night ;)

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