Lesson learned, I snuck on my new training pants without asking Daddy and made a fuss when he said I needed to be changed back into a nappy because I wasn't ready yet. The conversation ended with "You wear what Daddy dresses you in", and I had to go out wearing a think crinkly pink nappy 😳

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@james , Oh oh ! Someone definitely needs to listen to daddy. But you could do what I do sometimes, put your little boy undies over the pink diapers.... giggles !
I'm sure daddy won't notice 😝

@james your big boy undies look awesome... Gotta get me a pair of those 😋. And Duke looks awesome too (first time I've seen him)

@james The pains of growing up. You think you can make your own decisions, but it turns out Daddy still has the final say... 😬

@james cute ☘️🐨☘️🐨☘️

Oh it's a great lesson : always listen daddy 🚼🍼

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