I noticed the other day that my local pharmacy had a couple packs of old school Tena slips on clearance. But I had never purchased adult nappies in a store before (I like most people these days just order online). But after some gentle encouragement from Daddy I went in and picked up the last pack. Although the plastic bag I had didn’t quite hide the contents during my long walk home 😳


What was more embarrassing than the walk home was buying them from the youngest guy that works at the shop. He thought my choice of underwear would be nice topic of discussion and he informed me I got a very good deal on these and said “enjoy” with a smile as I was leaving. There is no doubt I was looking as embarrassed as a kid who just wet themselves

@james Quite embarrassing he immediately assumed they were for yourself. Were you obviously padded when doing your shopping??
Nice deal though, old school tenas are great. I’ve been wearing them for years myself.

@Littleivo I didn't think it would be too bad honestly, I picked a quiet time to go and these days I'm less nervous about being padded or if people notice (after the airport security experience I don't think there could be much worse). However I wasn't expecting the guy to discuss it, I just wanted to pay and leave 😅

@james @Littleivo have you shared the airport experience in here yet? I'd be interested reading it 👼

@james @Littleivo thanks for the link.
When flying, I try to have a couple of diapers in the carry on luggage and change before boarding.
I just need to be sure I went potty and didn't drink to much before getting in the security check queue 😅

@landro @james I will save my experiences of airport security for another toot!

@Littleivo you should! I think airport security experiences and buying nappies from a store are rites of passage for ABDLs! 😊


@james @Littleivo @landro so I’ve now just got to get striped searched? I did have my baby powder swabed at Amsterdam that was slightly awkward

@Littleivo If they want to check the sogginess of my dip they can please them self hbd away at it

@BabyDavid haha! Well, I’ve never had the sogginess of my diaper checked...

@overalls9050 I don't know if he did for sure. But I was padded as usual (in a modern thicker Tena Slip) and it was kinda noticeable under my very light white shirt.

@james It's just as awkward as when I bought pull ups and the cashier thinks it's cute how dads do last minute shopping before closing. Lol "uhmmm...yeaaaaah".

@Kyldex I wonder how they would react if you just said "oh no, they are for me" 😂

@james I'm gonna have to try that one day. 😜

@Gaydiapeeboi13 he did show a little too much interest so I did wonder, he might have just been bored though. Although have expecting to get a message from someone here saying they served me 😅

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