Any rails developers here that want to help out with the Mastodon fork? I have a couple of features I’m working on but don’t always have time or the motivation 🤔

@james I'm a rails dev (since rails 1.1.6). I have a bit of time in-between. Care to pm?

@james never done that But if you need a tech help please feel free to reach out to me

@james Never worked with Rails on the developer side (deployed some rails apps) but I am a Site Reliability Engineer (similar to a DevOps engineer) and a developer. I work with NodeJS, PHP, Dart, Java, C++ and more on a regular basis. I run my own server cluster as well as manage my companies Kubernetes clusters, so I have plenty of experience with networking and server management as well. If you ever need any of those skills I am happy to help 🙂

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