@james time to be a big baby, instead of a little on.

@james 😢 What's up? We might not know each other very well but my DM's are always open if you need a chat.

Hi @james I’m not sure if that would be so much more fun to be grown up all the time...

@james what’s going on bud? It’s bc of you we even have this space, I can’t tell you how therapeutic this community has been for me so far. You can always reach out to me about anything.

@james you take all the time I want.. life is short enough.. Hugs☘️💚☘️

@james if you need to talk about anything, I'm here for ya.

@james No, James. It's never time to grow up. Being a grown up is hard (I should know, I've been one most of my life) and grown ups are often boring, too! Besides... who would help you change your diaper, little man??

@james "growing up" is overrated. Being little means all the time is playtime.

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