Being an adult is hard, 0/10 wouldn’t recommend

@james Absolutly true. Growing up was the worst decision in my life ;)

@james I'm sure it wasn't my decision. Someone tricked me into it

@james I know! But they won’t let kids have money or drive...

@james Well then you can run away to your blanket fort then :D

@james Our President in the U.S. totally agrees (sorry, couldn't resist)

Surely he's the best at adulting ever and no one will ever be so good at it as he is, ever!. Oh and inject bleach to cure things.

@james I would like to cancel my free trial of adulting please 😆

@james most of my life is spent in trying to do the things i realy dont want to do. with this pandemic thing going on it has seriously reduced my willpower to do anything at all. it's even got me struggling with making time to eat properly. all my days are merging into one endlessly continous day.

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