How do I go from wanting to delete all my socials in one moment to wanting to start an OnlyFans in the next

I swear I have the emotional stability of an actual toddler

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@james it's ok. It's like the purge-binge cycle. Eventually I found in the purge part it was best not to actually get rid of anything (physical or virtual) but maybe put it away. Then there's less regrets when it's time to come back.

@bilbo_uk I did this earlier this year, just logged out of things I tried to forget about them for a while. Still ended up damaging some relationships a little, but I think it had to be done

@james @bilbo_uk sometimes it’s important to take a step back and take stock of what you’ve got. And I’ve found that, when you do, the people that care about you are usually still there

@james Absolutely true! The ones that care about you, will understand and wait for you to come back when you're ready. Very nice words of you, @Littleivo!

@overalls9050 @james @Littleivo @bilbo_uk All very good points. The fact is that we're multi-facited people that deal with so many varying issues in our lives every day. Not one of us can only function on a continuous level as "little", "big", "CG", or "adult". Also, it's impossible to meet all the expectations of others. It's okay to remember that we're imperfect people in an imperfect world doing the best we can under circumstances not always under our control.

@james same way i went from vlogger to aspiring sexworker

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