Has anyone else resorted to cutting their own hair yet?

@james no, but my hair looked bad before corona so I have nothing to loose. I always wanted to try it and this could be a good excuse.

@james I did it. Took out the trimmer and got a haircut today. With some help from the bf. Quite happy about the result 😉

I do mine all the time :) clippers down to 0, then wet shave (my hair fell out so it was either have mpb at 25 or go skin) it's not hard if you go slow and looks good if you trust yourself to pull it off :D xx

@james There are no opened barber shops in Poland and no. If I were to do it, I’d do it in a bdsm setting :P. For now I still have my long hair since high school. I’m getting a bit sick of it though. But it’s more about years coming by and me having all sorts of skin problems :(

@mikki @james
BDSM setting? Like prisoner getting theire head shaved?

@Gregor @james Naaah. I’m into this kind of bdsm. But rubber hoods, puppy play and this sort of stuff? Yes! :3

My hair doesn't trouble me yet :)
I think I will just go to the barber after this whole commotion ends.

@james nope. I’m going to let it grow out :) I prefer my hair being slightly long anyway

@james - yes, I tried hair gel for a week or so to give the appearance it was shorter, but it's just not working, so got out the clippers and slaughtered my hair...

I want to grow my hair long again, so haven't been to a hairdresser for a year and a half 🐱

@james kinda mess up the back a bit but it will grow back ☺️

@james Heh, I'm taking the opportunity to try out long hair for the first time in about a decade. 😁

How long does hair have to grow before you can put it in pigtails? 🙈

@Hampshirebaby @james Hmm, I've still got a little way to go. Ah well, still plenty of time for it to get to that stage. 😁

@sissynix Exactly! I've wanted to try it for ages and now I've got a reason. 😁

@putbackinnappies Maybe we could try together, I don't have long hair but I own a gorgeous blonde wig. We're could look pretty together. . . . . Especially in our nappies x

@james No, my Daddy does mine. He’s the best barber in town. 😉

@james nope I taken the decision to just grow it out then let my mother anywhere near me to cut it which is going to result in an interesting colour

@BabyDavid @james boo boo 👎🏻 i wanted to see your new style ☺️

@Daz_dluk @james depending how long this lockdown last you may see half red half brown hair

@james you wouldn't be able to pay me enough. Luckily I had a haircut not long before everything went to hell in a handbasket, but I'll make due.

@james I’ve been cutting my own hair for the last 6 years since moving to FL. It’s not terribly hard except for when it comes to the back of the head. Need a mirror in one hand and clippers in the other ☺️

@james yep! Borrowed my brother’s hair clippers and trimmed back my hair, for a first attempt, it wasn’t too bad

@james i have started to cut my own hair for a little while now. at first it was quite difficult honestly. but now not so much.

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