Have been playing around with IPv6 only services recently. Anyone have any ideas on IPv6 services I could host?

Or if anyone here is geeky enough, I might setup a IPv6 only IRC server 🤔

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@james also where did you get your train shirt?

@james As far as I can see, mIRC is compatible to IPv6 out-of-the-box

@Chippy well I first got into networking IPv6 was being pushed heavily due to IPv4 exhaustion, my first server had IPv6 support (well over 10 years ago). So I have always been a big supporter in pushing adoptation. has had IPv6 support since day one as well.

Now I'm seeing some providers offering discounts or going IPv6 only which made me wonder what it would be like to have IPv6 only (both as a user and from a server prospective)

@james @Chippy remote diaper change available only to ipv6 clients. 😁

How so, not doable? 😭

@james ahh I understand! I’m a tech director for a school district

@james sweet! I am the tech director for a school district so I love networking and servers and everything tech!

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