@james Video games, painting game figurines, working out and taking thirst trap diaper pictures :baby_dummy:

@james I’m fine actually. The situation is ridiculous, but I’d rather comment on the state of my diaper than anything else. Well. The weather is nice I suppose??

@mikki it's lovely outside here, looking forward to my state approved daily exercise soon.

So what's the state of your diaper then?

@james The weather is great here too but it will get rainy for Easter. I sadly hope they won’t lift the bans. People are not adhering. It’s not getting any better unless they start to. For now we just imported more of the virus with people coming back from abroad. Local spreading is a problem to. There is not enough caution and testing.
As for the diaper... soggy and losing against gravity :P

@james Honestly? I'm having a lovely time, which probably isn't how we're supposed to feel. 😅

How've you been?

@putbackinnappies so many people are struggling with isolation, so I think it's great if you're not!

Mostly fine, working from home as usual. Struggling with the social side though, and not being able to see Daddy has but a dent in my little side.

@james I’m pretty fine, thanks. Enjoying a bit of evening sun after another day of working from home.
Only missing the contact with other littles on ABDL events, but apart from that managing pretty well. 👍

@james just finished work and about to put on a new nappy. I did a bad thing and didn't put one on when I took off my old nappy at lunch time. No accidents so maybe I'm a big boy now!

Thanks for asking, mate :)
I am doing alright. I moved to a friend of mine for the quarantine, since I would've taken the isolation quite harshly.
He knows about my ABDL side and we get along really well, so it is a rather peaceful quarantine time for me.

@james evening James ,
Im fine thank you ,hope your good and well , im still working so im not totally isolated only real difference for me is staying in at weekends apart from the food shop , but going to work each day is keeping me from going mad indoors.
Stay safe mate

@james how are you doing ?
Are you working from home ?

@Daz_dluk I'm okay thanks, keeping busy with work and enjoying exercise in this weather 😊

@james thats good ... nice that we’ve got some decent weather so that you have the garden to used
And enjoy ...

@james We’ll manage here. Working a bit on my oldtimer, doing some work in the garden, making long walks with my dog. It’s lovely weather and of course there’s enough diapers in stock... 😘🤗

@james the good side of this crisis is that there’s time for things that otherwise wouldn’t be available. That’s some food for thought for me... 🤔For the remainder... I tend to look at the positive side 🙂Stay save...

@james I've nothing to do, so I'm incredibly bored. I'm trying to learn a new language (code) to keep away the cabin fever. Walking the dog helps too! I hope your keeping well

@thatbabyboy learning is a good way to spend the time! What language are you learning?

@james LUA, it's simple and it's the language that the programs I use choose for their external plugin code.

@thatbabyboy never used it myself, interested to know what sort of applications it’s used for

@james it's basically a tiny stripped down C code that's easy for developers to add their own API onto. Fun fact, a lot of PSP games used it!

@thatbabyboy @james tech geek here too. I've never used it either but seeing it mentioned a lot more recently

@james In desperate need of a spanking and a diaper.

@james Doing quite fine actually^^ Weather is nice for walks, and since my lab is shut down I spend my day doing some literature reviews for now.
I´m a bit upset that I can´t visit my family for eastern, but hey, that´s just how it is. Hopefully, we get over the crisis soonish.
Hope you´re feeling good as well😁

@james working from home, busier than ever. Going a bit crazy 😬 but try and get out for a walk to relieve the stress. Have to remember I'm luckier than many.

@james I’m currently struggling and feel a sense of loss. I really love my work and it’s killing me seeing my enthusiastic choir singers not being able to meet and practice with each other. The majority of them are retired and could be at risk. I wish I had a way I could bring back the joy of singing and find a way to continue despite these saddening circumstances. 😢I also can’t meet with my (maternal) grandma, (paternal) grandpa and neither with my parents. Just phoning them isn’t enough... 😔

@musicinmyarteries sounds tough 😔

Have you tried doing group video calls with your singers?

@james Yeah it is. Nowadays there isn’t any musicians around to share the joy of playing together and I deeply miss that. On the other hand it does give me some more time for practice alone - and at home; diapers are really convenient while playing the piano. 😄

Great idea and I’ve thought of that as well. But not all of them are experienced with computers afaik, but most of them does have a cellphone. I have no idea how terrific or terrible a singing phone conference would sound though. 😅

@james I’m doing ok. Trying to talk to someone every day to maintain the social side.
But it also means I’ve got plenty of time to work on my pet projects, fitness, culture, and of course little and pup play if I’m in the mood.

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