That was my first post in just over two months 😐

This year has been a pretty rough with my MH. But I'm thankful for the love and support of the people around me and everyone that has reached out.

Was never intending on taking such a long break, but I have hope for the future and for AB link 😊

As hopeful as one can be given the current global crisis πŸ˜–

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@james Mental health issues are tough. I'm glad you've felt able to post. Been missing you on here.

Welcome back @james 😊 You were missed here.
Very brave of you to be so open about your MH issues. Good to hear things start looking better again. Take care, big virtual hug. You'll get it in real life one day, when we can travel again πŸ€—

@james this year has been something else altogether and there's no shame in having some trouble dealing with it all. Everything is topsy turvy right now and seeing the end with so much uncertainty is easier said then done.

I've been taking it day by day myself and different family members have been facetiming me to keep in touch. Stay strong and stay safe. We will all get through this together.

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