Finally got my paws on the new DryNites! As far as I can tell it's only had a design refresh, and no physical changes to the actual "pyjama pants" (I just call them pull-ups). I wish they had done a space or dinosaur theme instead of "sports", but the previous ones were similar with skateboards, and I guess more appropriate for the target demographic. I like the new dark stripy pattern ones though.


I was told by a non-ABDL that all the toddlers in town would be envious of me wearing these 😅

For reference I'm about 1KG over the size guide.

I wonder if this was Huggies response to Apple's Dark Mode 🤔

@james not sure I’m particularly keen on the new designs.

@james the new designs do look nice. Can’t wait to try them myself ...
Though I may be more than just 1kg over the target weight

@landro @james hehe yes I remember that! I’ve got some of the new style ones to try now too. Maybe I’ll do a side by side comparison of the new and previous styles

@landro @james hehe :D I do remember those pictures! Drynites fit me nicely, but they're not the most absorbent...

@james I think they don't look too bad, but I wish they had changed more than the design. I think everyone was already super curious about these, so thanks for trying them! They fit you extraordinarily well!

I've always known you were on the dark side as well @james 😉

Perfect fit by the way, even though I doubt they keep your bed dry... 😬

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