New supplies, never tried the Rearz Dinosaurs before. Neither the Cuddlz Bright Dayz, but I believe they are the same shell as the nursery ones which I love and are super crinkly. The Tenas are just a daily staple for me


Which ones are your favourite? 🤔

@james I normally lean towards more little looking diapers but I'm not a huge fan of the designs on the Rearz Dinosaur or Bright Days while I have quite a bit of nostalgia for the Tena Slip. I wish they were more readily available in North America!

@james Tenas for daily use and ABU SDKs for little weekends 😊

The Rearz dinosaur looks so cute, so similar looking to the crinklz aquanaut

@james Tena for reliability, and price point.
The other two are on the shopping list for trying some time when I restock.

@james never anything from rearz I like the softness of their products but I refuse to support a company who tried to trademark Abdl and refuses to pay their designers

@BabyDavid I knew about the trademark thing, not about the designers though. You have any more info on that?

@james @BabyDavid Yes, more information please. I buy from Rearz because it's a Canadian company and geographically closer to me than the other Canadian diaper company, Babykins. Although they both have very cute products, the twill weave fabric they use for their washables is more effective than the flannel used by Babykins.

@mHabdl @BabyDavid the only thing I could find was about the designer getting annoyed about a visa application they were sponsoring taking too long so he got upset with them on Twitter about how much he got paid for the design and wanted more even though he got paid what he charged them for the design 🤷

Looks like the original tweets are gone or protected so it's hard to say going off random forum posts

@james @mHabdl @BabyDavid It's probably not the whole truth; but according to Cup Bun. He worked for Rearz for four months. 10USD per web add and 100USD per seamless diaper design. Prices where deemed too expensive by Rearz. After four months he got one payment of 225USD which was hard to get. He also apparently got 0USD for his finished Rearz Lil Squirts design which was made and sold. However he did resign from the company after dissagreements.

@notdrawingattention @james @BabyDavid Thanks. I'm not in that particular area of design, but I would say his rates are too low. Clients will not take you seriously if your rates are too low. That does not excuse the client for not paying for work done, however.

@notdrawingattention @james @mHabdl that’s what I was going to say can’t support a company who won’t pay what that owe and then blocks people on twitter for disagreeing with them

@notdrawingattention @james @mHabdl @BabyDavid He never actually worked for us. We were interested in his designs and gave him a few tasks to test his work which were all paid for. We were working on a design to be the lil squirts but it was never finished and was never used.

@rearzinc @notdrawingattention @james @BabyDavid Thank you for clearing that up.
BTW, I wear diapers 24/7 and love your washables - flat prefold, snap-on fitted and pocket. Especially love the cute designs of your pocket diapers! ☺

@mHabdl @notdrawingattention @james @BabyDavid There is only so much we can say about things that involve someones personal information.

@james @BabyDavid Thank you, Little James. Here are always two sides to any dispute and the truth is usually somewhere in between. There is actually a backog in processing visa applications in Canada, so that part of the story rings true.

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