Anyone else really like puffy padded bottoms? Not saggy or full, but puffy 😅

@james Sure do😁 That why I like thicker nappys more than the discrete one^^
And don´t forget to add looooooots of powder, so you get a nice *puff* of powder when you pat that bottom💭 😊

@james what if I really like puffy, saggy and full? Cause I do lol.

@james uh huh! When you sit down you get the *poof* instead of *squish*

@james puffy bums are great! It also opens the door to soggy bums, which are also great

Having not been blessed with much of a bottom, the diaper puff really helps fill my shape no matter how fresh. It's one of my favorite parts of the whole thing.

@james YES! This is why I'm not liking a lot of brands at the moment, they are going for thin and absorbent, I want thick and absorbent!

@james I really like all padded bottoms. Lol. Clean and dry puffy bottoms are very lovely. 🙂

@james yes, soft and pouffy. Adds to the feeling of safety smol-ness

@james any cute bottoms is good bottoms, dry, wet, or otherwise ☺️

Yeah, really distracting when you are padded and you just have to keep touching your butt.

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