There wasn’t enough time for a proper change so I’m being made to go double padded to the shops. Wondering how many people are going to notice my waddle 😳

@sneakygutterelf @james I always thought everything that's written in the internet must be true🤣

@james I still haven't got to the point where I can confidently wear abdl/thicker brands out and about. Plain, clothbacked thin ones sure.

@NewfieDL it takes a while but you get over it eventually. I have been out before with non-ABDL friends who know I wear but they didn't have a clue I was wearing until I told them. So if people who know you wear don't even realise, I doubt anyone else would

@NewfieDL @james I've worn thick ones, sometimes even with boosters in them, and no one noticed. I've also been out with ABDL friends who were padded, and didn't realize until they said something about it. Long as you don't have anything peeking out, or they're comically thick, you'll be fine.

@james everyone knows you're a baby regardless of the waddle anyway.

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