Amazing how many people signup here using a .edu or email address 🤦‍♂️

think I'm going to add them to the domains blacklist to prevent new people doing this. ProtonMail is free you know!

These email addresses usually contain personally identifying information but also many academic institutions can search their student's email. Do you want them knowing you're signed up to an ABDL site? 😬

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Thanks for looking after the young and innocent littles @james 👍 You’re in big bro mode today 😉

@james I have been saying it all along. If you want to keep you Kink and ABDL life private. Use . It's much secure and private than Gmail or any other Mail account. here's the Link

@james thanks, also: do you keep that email account if you are done with that insitution? Just make a new mail adress.

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