I might set myself a target to post content more regularly, even if it's just once a week. I really enjoy making content but lately work and life have been a bit of a mental drain. Something like a schedule might keep me motivated 🤔

@james I feel that. Been super I'll and out the game recently I haven't felt little or myself in a while

@james Yeah, I know that.

Got a new onesie on order, due to arrive soon. Might use that as a prompt to try shooting some pics.

A tripod & timer can work wonders!

@james it ebbs and flows. Sometimes I feel like posting a bunch of pictures at once, then there are weeks where I’m like “eh, I’m good”.

@james what's your motivation for posting more regularly. A schedule is fine, but if you don't have a reason you can remind yourself of, I find they tend not to work very long. I assume posting more content could be anything, not just photos?

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