You can now bookmark statuses. Useful if you want to come back to something later. Unlike favourites these are private to you and the post author won't get a notification. I have wanted this feature for ages as I often use favourites as a way to show people I have seen a post or "like" it

@james woo! Nice! (Wish my primary instance would be updated too)

Is this a custom feature for this instance? If it's a new feature of Mastodon, I hope my mobile client of choice adds the new UI ASAP!

@hypnodaddy91 nope, it's in the upstream project (not in a release yet though). So client apps should implement it at some point 😊

@james Did just discover (having just bookmarked a whole pile of older fav's) that when you do so - it displays them in order you bookmarked them, so I now have a reverse chronology of posts I like to scroll through at my leisure!

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