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@james Surprised to see tumblr is second. How is that still possible?

@087orion same. I don't have an account anymore, but maybe the remanning community went SFW only and continued to exist. I think they blocked the various ABDL hashtags a long time ago, so would be tricky for new users to grow / find content.

@james @087orion That´s true. A few remainers still post on tumblr, but most went to other sites. Searching for ABDL content in tumblr doesn´t me give any results. Still surprised that others are underrepresented. I had the impression that many users switched to twitter.

@BlueStar @james It's starting to sound like some kind of dark web. You know it existed but you can't get there the usual way. Better stay far away. 😂

@james @087orion So my Tumblr account was terminafed a month before the big purge and I thought the same thing. Recently my appeal was finally processed and my account was restored and I logged back in expecting something resembling a wasteland. What I really found was a community that was largely ignoring the NSFW ban, because a lot of ABDL content either slips through the filters or passes its human evaluation on terms of being therapeutic and not intentionally pornographic.

@kinesecd @james That's great to hear. I've considered going back but I really don't feel like going to battle again about photos that are falsely banned. It takes the fun out of sharing. 🙄

@kinesecd @james @087orion the 'purge' (i.e. people deleting their accounts) actually brought a segment of our community out from the shadows, people who previously got very little attention because of their low follower count have flourished. I do miss a lot of the old community, but it's cool to see regular content there, here, and everywhere. We're taking over the web! lol.

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