So we have about 1TB of AB link media on Wasabi currently, while cheap recent events have shown it to not be very reliable. So do I move back to AWS (with increased costs), look for another alternative or think about building my own storage cluster? 🤔

@james aws, azure, gcp, Oracle thing, IBM thing, there are many to choose from. But which one is safe to use (meaning, on which one can we put kinky pictures without risking account being suspended and data removed without notice) ?

I agree 👍
It's could be not very safe for site like to use aws or other GAFA.

@jameshow about decentralized? id be willing to be a peer.

@james if you need any help with building your own cluster I could lend a hand.

@james perhaps price up Digital Ocean Spaces. It has global CDN and might price a little cheaper than AWS.

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