Anyone tried Tesco’s Junior Nappies? Wondering if they are the same size as DryNites and if they are plastic backed. Can’t find much info online.

This one ?

Its very similar to the ID Junior diaper , it's clothe backed and fit XS Size

@james I had the Tesco Junior Nappies, not stretchy like dryNites. I could do the top tapes up but think my legs were too big for the bottom ones

@lowstar ah, hopefully they will do larger sizes down the line. Are they cloth or plastic?

@james not got them anymore but am pretty sure they are cloth backed

@james @lowstar cloth backed tried them too small so they will be used as boosters atm am using them as a tripod weight

@james I have, they're smaller than drynites and resemble small Tena. Not plastic backed and the tapes don't stretch so they're a tight fit but they hold a lot.

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