Haven't used Kik in years, these days mostly Telegram and ABDL.link. But I first started talking to my Daddy on Kik.

Anyone here use Kik as their main messaging app?

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@james Kik was my main messenger for ABDL contacts (with Telegram as a backup) but this has prompted me to set up an ABDL-specific Outlook/Skype account.

@james used to be one of my primary. until i found this one.

@james I ditched it awhile ago. It was always unreliable and clunky to use. Now I go with Telegram or give out my number to people I like 😛

@LittleTrainer @james I'm on telegram too and never liked kik because it would too porny

@LittleTrainer @james I don't like KIK, myself. It won't show up on my phone if there's a message, for some reason. And I can't use it on my PC, like WhatsApp and Telegram as an add-on on Opera. So I can type with 10 fingers :)

@james I'm using kik and in several groups we are talking about moving to kik. i don't like that telegram needs a phone number, i wanted to keep my vanilla and my abdl contact separated.

Nope, it was insecure.

For 2 years now, i use Wire.
It is :
- open source (protocol of E2E derivated of Signal, client and server app )
- Company from Switzerland
- Server in Germany and Ireland
- Free for personal use (paid for profesional)
- made by Skype original team

Now , it's recommend by Edward Snowden .

@james I use telegram and discord sadly. kik just doesn't work well for me

@james Kik was my jam. What’s everyone else using?

@james I've used Kik for years, but then I discovered telegram stickers and my life was forever changed

@Somediaperguy that was one of the reasons why I rarely used kik. Telegram stickers are way too cute XD

@james it was my first app to communicate, but telegram is my go to now. I’ll also use WhatsApp but I don’t have anybody I talk to anymore on there

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