Travelling light is hard when you need to bring teddies (and other silly unnecessary things like nappies)

@mikki @lilbouncyboy unfortunately buying locally wasn’t really an option as the ones available were poor quality and the trip was too short to justify having some shipped to the hotel. I managed to stash a handful in my luggage instead of spare shirts. Was easier to buy a couple new shirts than diapers!

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@james Nappies and teddies are beyond necessary!!
However if I were to travel around my own country diapered, I’d try to buy diapers as I travel. Alternatively I’d need to bring one more suitcase or something xD. I’d carry just as much diapers as needed to get me through the travel time itself, then buy something in pharmacies xD.... if you can get that one extra suitcase after all :D

@james I know... I’m always happy to be able to take a train to the Amsterdam meetings instead of flying with hand luggage. Hope you managed to take enough supplies for your trip anyway.

@james Little boys need nappies so you need them while you're away too. If you can have them delivered to a hotel it'll be easier but not too many because you don't want to leave them behind! Teddys will keep you occupied too we don't want chaos! Have a nice time.

@james if you use them and find a laundry room at the hotels then reusables could be an option. It really depends on how you want to deal with the issue. There are a few ways to do it...

@james @lilbouncyboy
That’s usually the case. It’s must be a nightmare when it comes to airplane travels.
As much as I hate Poland there is one thing I like here. Seni factories are located here in this country, so you can get these diapers pretty much in any bigger city. You could live with that for daily use. At least for some time.

@james I agree went away for the weekend last weekend and half my bag was just nappies and a stuffie because they take up so much room.

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