@james i hope it’s a joke. How dare you wearing this ?

That's tempting fate, @james . Can we see a picture two hours later? I'm pretty sure we'll see a wet spot on those light grey shorts... :diaper_wet: πŸ˜•

@james Can we get daddy confirmation about that? πŸ€” @spacetiger 😜

@overalls9050 @james Haha. I love everyone's doubts about this πŸ˜… Truth is @james *can* be a big little boy. Sometimes. For a little while. And it's true, he earned a gold star for his potty training chart this time round πŸ‘

Whoa, well done @james ! πŸ‘ So you really are becoming a big boy πŸ˜€ Daddy @spacetiger must have been so proud. Huggies πŸ€—
(Secretly jealous about James getting a gold star on his chart... πŸ₯΄).

@overalls9050 @james @spacetiger i think you need a gold star for getting the confirmation from a trusted big instead of believing a little, @overalls9050. Now, where do the bigs keep them?

@Littleivo @overalls9050 @james Yes, gold star to @overalls9050 for asking an adult ⭐ We bigs keep the gold stars extra safe and out of reach, so you don't stick them all over everything...

Thankies @spacetiger πŸ˜„πŸ™Œ You make me a happy boy. Woohoo, I earned a gold star too for my chart πŸ˜€ @Littleivo @james

@spacetiger @Littleivo @overalls9050 @james okay but why dont you want ⭐s EVERYwhere?? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

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