Really need to try some padded Segufix, anyone here who has tried it or has experience with it?

@james It's fun to lay there for like 3 hours while someone is teasing or playing with you. But it's not something I'd want to be strapped to for a long time.

@087orion @james I wonder, did your muscles get sore after a while? I was put in my straitjacket for over 6 hours (and diapers) and I asked to get out of there because my shoulders started hurting.

@087orion @james one of my fantasies is to stay a prolonged time in this (say a night), I am kinda wondering if there are other alternatives that are better for me and let me sleep at the sides and change sides at night but 'lock' me in place otherwise.

@james That looks like a very intimidating device

I also got the pleasure to try it and it's very fun! We sometimes make little fun workshops with these in the Nursery. The segufix is defently a good variant to traditional shibari wich can be rougher and uncomfy. It makes you feel held but still restrains you~

I'd recommend it!

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