Well today’s been horrible, even worse when you just want to be little but you can’t 😔

@james Aww... Poor you. Being big can be hard sometimes. Hope the weekend will treat you better. Hugs 🤗

@james Sorry to hear that. I hope you get some little time soon and leave that behind

@james that is certainly the truth. I hope your day gets better, or you have a good day tomorrow.

@james awwh 😨 life can suck sometimes... tonnes of love and hugs from us 😘❤

@james That sucks :( I hope, you're having a nice weekend!

@james the good thing about bad days is that it means good days are ahead. Keep your head up little one. We love you ❤️

@james you need to check this out! This is the office solution for you and a lot of other littles. Just read this article in the newspaper this weekend and watched some stuff about the company on the internet. There is this digital innovation company in Amsterdam which has a "cuddle puddle" with stuffies for employees 😀 . No kidding! Well, *we* all know for long that stuffies help for stress relief and concentration. Seems like an amazing place to work! Maybe you should apply for a job there? 😉

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