Any good tips for staying cool in this heat? 🌡️

@087orion usually that would sound like a punishment, but in this heat..

@james ice pack wrapped in a towel as a plushie, and lots of cold water. Don't over do it on the ice cream.

@james Spray bottle with water and then sitting in front of a fan. During the day escaping to libraries or museums or coffee shops that have AC. I feel for you- stay cool. 🥵

@james a wet towel over a fan cools the air a bit. Preferably ice cold water.

@james stick your wrists or ankles in a basin of cold water. The blood flows close to the skin there and cools you down quite quickly.

@jamessoak it. then it gets cold >:3

@james Spraying water is the most effective cooling if you have no access to AC. And stay hydrated, that's key!

@james pllenty of cold drinks keeping the room your in cool and ventalted

@james I'm in the same boat. I can't even get the car’s AC to cool me off these past few days. 🥵

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