I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Maybe next year we will have a party 🥳

Congrats everyone! And a special hug for @james 🤗 Yes let’s have a party 🎉

@james happy first birthday - hopefully a big stack of digital diapers and onesies hehe

@Gregor @james What a creative and cute padded picture.😊 So Happy birthday to and a shoutout to @james for his great work with it! 👏 Lets see what our next year will bring us as well for our platform...

@Gregor @james Haha, that is brilliant!
Happy birthday to all of us I guess ^^

@james congrats and yes, it would be amazing !

@james awesome possum! So happy this platform exists! Happy birthday! And thank you James for starting it 😄

@james Hooray! Thank you for all of your hard work to build this community. Here’s to more years here!

@james Yahoo!! Thanks for doing such an awesome job with this James!

@james Congratulations. To celebrate, I've joined your patreon today.

@james so and me have almost the same birthday ! 😀

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