Who else like me puts ketchup on everything? Pizza, spaghetti, cereal..

@james no please don't touch the spaghetti and pizza :(

@james sorry Im French. I have principles 🇫🇷🍲🍮🥗

@james « and here you’ll find some caviar with toasted bread and his old vegetable with strawberry sauce.
- Im sorry, what ? »

@james think someones big needs to hider the ketchup from you

@james let’s make it a thread! for me it’s just more of a preference I have to, have to have heavy whipped creamer in my coffee

@That_little_Joel @james I eat sometime some sandwich with cold potatoes and Camembert cheese 🇫🇷
And I make some spread worth butter and marmelade than I put in my hot chocolate 🥰👌🏻

@james it’s the devils work is ketchup! It’s banned from my house lol

@087orion @james And I want to see a picture of the spanking he’ll undoubtedly receive after messing with ketchup on his daddy @spacetiger 😜

@overalls9050 the trick is getting it in his hair, he seems to really not like that for some reason 🤷‍♂️ @087orion @spacetiger

Show us on the Amsterdam picnic in August how your daddy reacts on ketchup in his hair, @james 😈 @087orion @spacetiger

@james ✋I have a ketchup problem too. I've been trying to use less by using vinegar for some things like French fries

Calm foen James, I shall not have ketchup on my pizza or cereal!

@james yucky! I have dipped pizza in bbq sauce tho....

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