Me: look Daddy, I’m a BAT! 🦇
Daddy: I think you missed out an ‘R’...

Daddy: that’s not a climbing frame! Get down!
Me: @Littleivo bet I can beat you to the top!

⚠️ Do not climb timber stacks, they can be dangerous! We are trained professionals (just not potty trained) ⚠️


Daddy: someone’s looking waddly, we’d better stop for a check.
Me: noooo Daddy, I don’t need changies!
Daddy: *pull down shorts* look at you, soggy little pup...

Daddy: lets get you changed before we have any leaks, good job Daddy put spare nappies in the rucksack.
Me: but what if someone sees?!
Daddy: don't worry about that little one, the sooner we get you into a fresh nappy, the sooner you can go back to playing with @Littleivo

I asked Daddy how I should caption this one and he suggested: ‘Good job Daddy put spare padding in the rucksack. Daddy is so amazing. I love Daddy. He’s the best Daddy in the whole world. DADDY RULES!!!’

Which is all true, he really is the best Daddy a little could ask for. Thanks @spacetiger 🥰

Wow such nice pictures and even nicer words @james @spacetiger . So happy for you guys! 🤗 😍

@james @spacetiger wow this is such a cute picture i'm so jealous of you and your daddy, you look so awesome together.

@james then the humiliating/punishment factor make him walk home in the wet diaper and t-shirt only hehe

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