Anyone know any good resources on the binge/purge cycle and how to deal with it in a healthy way?

I notice a lot of users will permanently delete their account thinking they will never be back, then a couple weeks/months later they email me asking if they can get their old username back. So I have been considering adding some resources to the delete account section that might be useful. I just don't know if anything like this exists already 🤔

Are you looking for a way to help people, or to make it easier to get an account back?

If it's to help people to accept them self then I recommends potcasts like, Dream A Little, Love in brief, the big little podcast, just another abdl podcast or crinkels cast. They helped me a lot 🤗

@William_Jr to help people help themselves. So preferably some text resources I can either display or link to. Podcasts could be a good idea as well, any specific episodes you would recommend?

Yes but I have to go listen to them, to find the episodes. There is a lot of them at this point, 😅 but for me it helped a lot to just hear others talking about the abdl community.
But I will have a listen and returne if I can finde som direct links to some episodes. 😸

@james Here are a few more these are really good, two podcasts where they talk to Dr. Rhoda She is really cool, she is a psychological therapist and sexologist who works with ABDLs

@james anyone with any Useful info on this would be good hear .....
think most people do suffer from this at different levels

@Daz_dluk yeah, I used to do it regularly back in the Tumblr days. Always got upset when I would come back as I would loose all my work I put into posts etc, which just made the cycles worse.

@james Temporary deactivation option where the account deactivates until the next time you login

@Bedwetterboyy only issue with this is the posts will still be visible during that time. There isn't a way to hide them without permanently deleting them. But I'm happy to lock an account (so you can't log in) either for a fix amount of time or until I get an email or something.

@james Ohh. Hmm. There’s no way you can back up accounts? Or is that just too much server cost

@Bedwetterboyy it's not that, it's down to how Mastodon/ActivityPub is designed. But anyone can export their own data and media (, but you would have to repost it all again.


I haven’t read this myself yet, but looks like an interesting source.

I’ve had the binge/purge cycle a few times before.

@james When I was first talking with my partner the “understanding infantiliism” site was helpful. They have a section on binge and purge:

Yup, this has been a good go to site for a sensible point of view. Bitter Grey is a wise one. I think he started these pages back in 1995.

@bilbo_uk @james I also remember reading these in the 90s on dial up. How time flies

@Nix @james this made all the difference for me. Once I recognized what was going on I was able to never go through it again. Extremely valuable resource

@james Maybe a 6 month cooldown on deletion? Account is there but can't be used unless the original e-mail asks for it?

I think there could be a group telegram chat or even one with people nearby certain locations. I understand it, I've been through it, but honestly wearing diapers makes me feel much more comfortable than not

@james can't say I am aware of any resources regarding that topic, but maybe have something similar to how Facebook (if I remember correctly it's Facebook) handles deletions. You can put your account on inactive so you can come back. Maybe something along the lines of accounts are inactive for say...a couple of months then are fully deleted? Might save you some time and hassle reactivating usernames for people.

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