Who is going to the next Club Luier?

@james i want to be it would be finincaley irresponsible of me to go as am moving up to Scotland soonish but am going to the December one

@james If have enough money for airplane fees to get to Europe XD

@Marshy @james yeah. It’s fun but draining. Especially when crossing multiple time zones

@Marshy @james aww. Well when you do get to travel make sure to pack plenty of padding and your favourite teddy bear! It makes it easier!

@Marshy @james hehe even better! He can speed you along through the airports!

@Marshy @james Jelle approves :) but he just walks through security. I never saw him get searched...

@Littleivo @james does Jelle even brings anything? XD I think that is why he doesn't get checked.

@Marshy @james he has his pawsport. Well I do, but it’s his! 👉🧸

@Marshy @james hehe! Maybe I should present Jelle to the customs people with his pawsport and see what they say!

@Littleivo @james They would pat jelle on the head and let him go forward hehe

@Marshy @james yay! That’s better than searching! Jelle can have official cuddles!

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@james Wish I could but finances say otherwise sadly! Hoping to make the December one though!

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